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Set Commissions by Product

This will serve as your guide in setting up commissions by product.

To set commissions by product, one must go to the 'Settings' tab > 'Commissions' and choose 'By Product'.

How to Set Commissions by Product

Click on the 'Add Commissions' button and search for the product in the given field found in the pop-up window. Next, choose Commission Type and enter Commission Rate. Once done, ensure to hit the 'Save' button to save your entries.

How to Set Commissions By Product

Alternatively, you can also choose a product and hit the 'Edit Selection' button to add commissions.

How to Set Commissions by Product

Add the Commission Type and Commission Rate and remember to 'Save' the changes you made.

How to set Commissions by Product

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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