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Vendor Shipping Rates

This feature is currently in private beta. Reach out to support if you would like to test this feature.

Expected Outcome

Vendor/Seller Shipping Rates on Shopify Checkout

This article guides you on how to allow your vendors to set-up custom shipping rates at Shopify checkout.

Requirements: Your store must be on any of the following Shopify Plans:

Basic Shopify plan but paid for annually - Reach out to support to activate this once you have paid annually
Advanced Shopify plan or higher
A development store
Must only use the shipping rates on PuppetVendors to set up shipping rates

Please ensure that all requirements above are met before you proceed.


Activate Shipping Rates by going to Settings -> Shipping Rates and click on the activate button. Once activated, you can start setting control on whether your vendors will have the ability to set up shipping rates. Complete all steps to activate this capability.

Activate Shipping Rates in PuppetVendors

Tell Shopify to use PuppetVendors as a shipping rate provider.

- Go to Settings
- Shipping & delivery
- Click on Manage

Manage shipping rate

- Create zone

Create shipping zone

Enter a zone name
Select countries your vendor ship to

Select shipping zone countries

- Once the zone is created, Add rate to the zone that you just created.

Add shipping rate to zone

Make sure your settings match with the image below when adding a rate.

Shipping zone rates from PuppetVendors

Set a default or fall-back shipping rate. In the event that the vendor rates set up within the app does not show for any reason, this rate will be shown in its place preventing any potential checkout issues. Define a custom backup rates by order value option is recommended for the fall-back rate.

Fall-back shipping rates

Handling errors

Error Message: Carrier Calculated Shipping must be enabled for your store before enabling: PuppetVendors - Marketplace Shipping Rate Provider

Please confirm with Shopify support that you have Carrier Calculated Shipping enabled. Conditions for this includes

- Being on the the Basic Shopify plan but paid for annually - Reach out to support to activate this once you have paid annually
- Being on the Advanced Shopify plan or higher

Guide on how to activate vendor shipping rates


This article guides you on how to DEACTIVATE using PuppetVendors for your store shipping rate provider at Shopify checkout.

Go to your Shopify admin Settings > Shipping & delivery and then click on Manage
Shipping and delivery settings

Create a new Shipping rate that will replace the rates set by PuppetVendors. Scroll down the page and under Shipping origins section, click on the Add rate under where PuppetVendors is listed.

Note: This is important to continue allowing your customers to be able to check out from your Shopify store.

Add shipping rate

Look for PuppetVendors (1) under the Carrier name section followed by ... (2) and then click on the Delete (3) button.

Remove PuppetVendors shipping rates

Now go to PuppetVendors dashboard, go to Settings -> Shipping Rates and click on the deactivate button.

Deactivate Shipping Rates on PuppetVendors

Guide on how to deactivate vendor shipping rates

Updated on: 21/08/2023

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