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Vendor Shipping Rates - Activate

This feature is currently in private beta. Reach out to support if you would like to test this feature.

Expected Outcome

Vendor/Seller Shipping Rates on Shopify Checkout

This article guides you on how to allow your vendors to set-up custom shipping rates at Shopify checkout.

Requirements: Your store must be on any of the following Shopify plan:
The Basic Shopify plan but paid for annually - Reach out to support to activate this once you have paid annually
The Advanced Shopify plan or higher
A development store
Must only use the shipping rates on PuppetVendors to set-up shipping rates

Please make sure that you meet the requirements above before continuing.

Activate Shipping Rates by going to Settings -> Shipping Rates and click on the activate button. Once activated, you can start setting controlling whether your vendors will have the ability to set-up shipping rates. Complete all steps to activate this capability.

Activate Shipping Rates in PuppetVendors

Tell Shopify to use PuppetVendors as a shipping rate provider.

- Go to Settings
- Shipping & delivery
- Click on Manage

Manage shipping rate

- Create zone

Create shipping zone

Enter a zone name
Select countries your vendor ship to

Select shipping zone countries

- Once the zone is created, Add rate to the zone that you just created.

Add shipping rate to zone

Make sure your settings matches with the image below when adding a rate.

Shipping zone rates from PuppetVendors

Set a default or fall-back shipping rate. In the event that the vendor rates set-up within the app does not show for any reason, this rate will be shown in it's place preventing any potential checkout issues. Define a custom backup rates by order value option is recommended for the fall-back rate.

Fall-back shipping rates

Guide on how to de-activate vendor shipping rates

Updated on: 05/04/2023

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