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Vendor Shipping Rates - De-activate

This feature is currently in private beta. Reach out to support if you would like to test this feature or need any assistance.

This article guides you on how to DE-ACTIVATE using PuppetVendors for your store shipping rate provider at Shopify checkout.

Go to your Shopify admin Settings -> Shipping & delivery and then click on Manage
Shipping and delivery settings

Create a new Shipping rate that will replace the rates set by PuppetVendors. Scrolling down the page and under Shipping origins section, click on the Add rate under where PuppetVendors is listed.

Note: This is important to continue allowing your customers to be able to continue checking out on your Shopify store.

Add shipping rate

Look for PuppetVendors (1) under the Carrier name section followed by ... (2) and then click on the Delete (3) button.

Remove PuppetVendors shipping rates

Now go to PuppetVendors dashboard, go to Settings -> Shipping Rates and click on the deactivate button.

De-activate Shipping Rates on PuppetVendors

Guide on how to activate vendor shipping rates

Updated on: 30/03/2023

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