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How to create, update and delete Vendors

This article describes how you are able to create, update and delete vendors with some useful information.

How to Create a Vendor

Go to Vendors tab then Manage Vendors (Commissions and Profile)

Vendors tab

A new screen will show. Please click on the 'Create New Vendor' button

Create New Vendor Button

Enter the vendor details - Vendor Name, Commission Type and Commission Rate. Once done, click the 'Save' button

Add Vendor Details

How to Update Vendor(s)

Go to Vendors tab > Manage Vendors (Commissions and Profile) and click 'Settings'

Manage Vendors (Commissions and Profiles)

A new page will show This will allow you to change the vendor name, commissions, deductions, vendor profile, and payouts.

Name and Commissions
Custom Deductions
Profile and Payouts

How to Delete a Vendor

On the same page (Vendors tab > Manage Vendors (Commissions and Profile), hit the 'Delete' link.

Delete button

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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