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How vendors can create or update products in bulk

This guide shows how you can upload new products by batch.

Please take note the following before uploading:

Column _id is a unique identifier for each product. Please do not delete the column.

For new products, please leave cells under column 1 empty.

_id for a new product must be empty

Bulk uploaded products will be in active, draft or pending status depending on the merchant's permission settings.
The Handle should be unique for each product. New variants for the same product should have the same handle.
Images should be in a URL format and should be a direct source to the image (e.g.:
If you are a vendor, please leave this column as is.
Supported file type: CSV
All columns are required. Use default values if unsure

Available Columns and Description

Column NameDescriptionType/ValueExample/Default Value
HandleThe handle is a product identifier.Lower case text, Hyphens, NumbersiPhone-14-64-gb
TitleThe title is the product name that potential buyers identify withText, NumbersiPhone 14 64 GB
DescriptionThe description are details about the productText, NumbersiPhone is a great product
VendorThe Vendor is typically the supplier of the productText, Numbers and -Apple, vendor-78
PublishedWhether the product is Listed or Unlisted on the websiteAcceptable values: TRUE or FALSEN/A
Option1 NameProduct optionText OnlyColor
Option1 ValueProduct option valueText and NumbersGreen, 100 ml
Option2 NameProduct optionText OnlyStorage
Option2 ValueProduct option valueText and Numbers128GB
Option3 NameProduct optionText OnlyWireless
Option3 ValueProduct option valueText and NumbersCellular, 100 ml
Variant SKUSKU value of the variantText & NumbersSKUQWRTY123
Variant Inventory PolicyCan items be sold if out of stock?Acceptable value: DENY - Purchase of this item will not be allowed. CONTINUE - Purchase of this item will be allowed even when out of stockDENY
Variant Fulfillment ServiceA service that fulfils your orderAcceptable value: MANUALMANUAL
Variant PricePrice of the variantNumbers25.00
Variant Compare At PriceThe original price, if your Variant Price is a discounted priceNumbers.300.00
Variant Requires ShippingIs the variant a physical product? Can it be shipped?Acceptable values: TRUE or FALSEFALSE
Variant TaxableShould additional tax be charged on the variant price?Acceptable values: TRUE or FALSETRUE
Variant BarcodeUnique identifier of the variantNumbers123456789
Variant ImageThe image URL of the variantText as a URL
Variant Weight UnitUnit of the variant itemAcceptable values: KILOGRAMS, GRAMS, OUNCES, POUNDSGRAMS
Variant Tax CodeSpecifies the Avalara tax code for the product variantTextDA04000 - Applicable only for USA stores and if Avalara is installed
Gift CardTells whether the variant is a gift card productAcceptable values: TRUE or FALSETRUE
TagsTags associated to the productMultiple Text, Numbers separated by a comma (,)Black, 128GB, Premium
Image SrcThe image of the variantMultiple URL(s) separated by a comma (,),
Image Alt TextAn explanation of the product imageTextMy new shiny iPhone
Cost per itemThe cost of the product variantNumbers12.50
Track QuantityWhether variant inventory should be trackedAcceptable values: TRUE or FALSEFALSE
Inventory LocationThe quantity of product variant for this locationNumbers13

Below are the instructions on how you can create new products by batch.

From your Vendor portal, go to Products and hit the Import button.

Creating Products by Batch 1

A pop-up window will appear. Click the 'Export to CSV' button to download the template.

Creating Products by Batch 2

The csv template will be downloaded and will look like this.

Creating Products by Batch 3

Insert a new row to create a new product. Note that column 1 of that new row must be empty.

Creating a new product

Once all fields are filled-out, save the csv file. Click the 'Choose File' button and upload through the Upload button.

Creating Products by Batch 5

You can then check for the new products added in your list by using the Search field in the Products tab.

Video Guide - How to Create New Products by Batch

Updated on: 08/04/2024

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