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How to re-assign vendors

Upon installation of the PuppetVendors app, chances are, your vendors/seller names on your store are not properly set up and you would like to do so before importing your orders.  Once you have imported the orders, you may also realize that a setup/change is required.

Note that when you make a change to your vendor/seller on your Shopify store, the changes do not apply to existing orders. Given this, you have to manually re-assign them from within the app for past orders. New orders will automatically be assigned to the correct vendor/seller going forward.

There are two ways on how you can re-assign your vendors through the PuppetVendors app. One way is to go to the Dashboard tab, choose your Vendor and hit the Report link.

Through the Dashboard tab

Alternatively, you can also go to Vendors > Manage Vendors (Commissions and Profile) > choose your vendor and hit the Reports link.

Through the Vendors tab

Upon hitting the reports link from any of these tabs, you can choose the items you want to re-assign and hit the Edit Selection button.

Choose your items for re-assigning

A pop-up window will appear. From under the Re-assign Items/Delete Items sub-tab, go to the Re-assign Items to field and choose the new vendor the items will be re-assigned to.

Re-assign Items sub-tab

After choosing the vendor, hit the Confirm button to save your changes.

Confirm changes

In addition, here is a quick walk-through of how you can re-assign vendors/sellers on PuppetVendors.

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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