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These are the steps to enable real-time notifications within the app along with how you may avoid these emails from going to spam (please scroll towards the bottom)

NOTE: New notification options will show on the same page once available.

Available Notification Options are:

New Order Notifications - You may enable this feature for your vendors to be notified instantly via email when their items are sold on your Shopify store. Notifications will only be sent for orders ‘Marked As Paid’.

Account Request Notification - You may enable this feature to be notified when there are vendor account requests for your store.

Here's a quick video to show you where you can enable/disable the above notifications.


Avoiding Emails Going To Spam

To avoid notification emails going to spam for some instances, we recommend that you ask your vendors/sellers to add either your White-Label email or our notifications email ( to their email list for clients (contacts book).

The videos below show the steps on how this can be achieved for both Gmail and Hotmail. We will be more than happy to add more email clients if you have suggestions for them.

When creating a contact, we recommend adding the following information:

First Name: Your Business Name or PuppetVendors
Email: Your Whitelabel Email or

How to add a contact to your Gmail account

How to add a contact to your Hotmail account


We use a 3rd party app called Pushover to allow for this feature.
Download the app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
Once the app is downloaded, you are assigned a unique user id and an email address for your phone.
Go to PuppetVendors, create a new vendor account as usual but use the email address provided by the app this time. (here's the format:
Make a test order with items belonging to the vendor
Wait to receive the push notification


Go to Vendors -> Vendors
Vendor Listing Page

Select Vendors by checking the row level checkboxes on the left hand most column to select/de-select a vendor and then followed by the "Bulk Actions" button.
Selecting vendor(s)

Navigate to the "Notifications" tab and select/de-select the checkboxes for the respective notifications.

Notifications Tab

Note to leave the checkboxes unchecked to disable them.

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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