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Automated Payouts - Pay your vendors directly via your PayPal or Stripe account

This article demonstrates how you as a merchant can activate automated payouts for your vendors. You will be able to pay your vendors either to their PayPal email or directly to their bank account.

This feature is currently in private beta. Please reach out to us via our support chat bubble to enable it.

PayPal and Stripe payouts must be connected

Payout Periods

Payout always happens on the upcoming Monday and repeats weekly for all orders from the previous week.

Payout occurs twice a month.
Payout #1 on the 16th of any given month (orders from 1st to 15th).
Payout #2 on the 1st of the next month (orders from the 16th to last day of a given month).

Payout occurs on the 1st of the upcoming month for orders from the previous month.

Does not account for custom items. Currently only considers paid and refunded transactions

How to activate automated payouts for a vendor

Go to settings

Activate automated payouts

Select a Vendor (Only vendors with attached payout method can be selected) -> payout period and click on save to activate automated payouts for the selected vendor.
Your vendor will receive an email confirming that they will start receiving automated payouts

Activate Automated Payouts||

Updated on: 04/09/2023

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