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Set-up Paypal payouts

The article gives you important information on how to get started making payouts to your vendors via Paypal on PuppetVendors.

PayPal Requirements

To use this feature, you must meet all of Paypal's requirements listed below.

Have a PayPal business account. If not, Click here to signup
Once your PayPal business account is set-up, make sure that you have confirmed your identity, email and have your bank account linked to your PayPal business account
Permissions from PayPal to use their payouts feature (scroll to the last section for instructions to this)

If you based out of the United States (US), you are charged a fee of USD $0.25 for each payout. These are fees charged by PayPal and not PuppetVendors.
PayPal fees for other countries can be found here

Connecting PayPal to PuppetVendors

After meeting PayPal's criteria above, you will need to connect PayPal to PuppetVendors. Steps on how to do this is listed below.

Create a new developer account or log in to your existing account by clicking on here -> Log in or Sign up
Once created and logged in, you should see a screen like below

Create PuppetVendors credentials in PayPal

Click on "My Apps & Credentials" (1)
Click on "Live" (2)
Click on "Create App" (3)

Upon clicking on "Create App", you will see the following screen

PayPal Create App Screen

Enter "PuppetVendors" as the App Name (1)
Click on "Create App" (2)

After clicking the "Create App" button, you will be presented with the Client ID and Secret screen. These are what you need to use to connect PayPal with PuppetVendors.

PayPal Client Id and Secret

Make sure you are logged into PuppetVendors and then click on this link or go to Settings -> Payouts

Copy and paste the Client ID and Secret from PayPal to their respective fields in PuppetVendors as shown in the image below

Client ID and Secret - PuppetVendors

Click on the "Test Connection" button. If success, you are ready to go, else please contact for assistance.

Request PayPal to use the feature

You will need to request PayPal to use their payouts feature as it's not enabled by default. Follow the steps below to enable PayPal payouts.

Visit "My Account" in the same dashboard where created the app

Visit My Account

Scroll down on the right column and click on "Enable..."

Enable payouts feature

Then click on the "Contact Us" button that shows. Request the PayPal staff to enable this feature for your account.

Click on the "Contact Us" button and request PayPal for activation

Click here to view PayPal Payouts Fees. Note to use the **Payouts API** rate.

Updated on: 08/01/2024

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