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Set-up Stripe Payouts

The article gives you important information about Stripe Payouts. Stripe Payout allows you to make payouts to your vendors via Bank Transfer (ACH) or card.

The Stripe Payout feature allows you to pay your vendors directly to their bank account (ACH Transfers) from within the PuppetVendors app.

Please note that this is not supported in Canada

Merchants should have Standard accounts and vendors should have an Express account

Follow the steps below to activate Payouts via Stripe Connect.

Create a new Stripe Account. Click Here To Signup For A Stripe Account. Simply log-in if you have an existing Stripe account.

Before activating Stripe Connect, please ensure that you are NOT on Test mode. Your view should be similar to the screenshot below.

Turn off Test Mode

Activate Stripe Connect by clicking on Connect in the top menu after having logged in or created a new account

Stripe Connect - Step 1

Click on the Get started with Connect button

Stripe Connect - Step 2

Complete the listed task lists with the required tag

Stripe Connect - Verify Email

Completing your platform profile.

Stripe Connect - Complete your platform profile

Follow the below answers when completing your platform profile

Stripe Connect - Profile Answers

Upon submission, click on Connect to return to the Connect tasklist

Stripe Connect - Return to tasklist

Add business details to activate your account. Click on the Start now button and provide the information requested.

Stripe Connect - Business details

Go to connect settings, scroll down slightly to the Branding section and make sure that the Business name, Icon, Logo, Brand and Accent colors are selected and then click on Save branding changes.

Stripe Connect - Branding

Enable countries of vendors/sellers you will be onboarding by visiting the Stripe Account Settings page, click the country checkboxes (refer to screenshot below) of your vendors and then click on the save button.
Set up Stripe Express accounts

You have connected Stripe to PuppetVendors

Test that Stripe Connect is indeed connected to PuppetVendors

- Visit PuppetVendors and click on the vendors menu
Vendors Menu

- Go into any individual vendor settings
Individual Vendor Settings

- Scroll to the profile section and then click on the "Link Your Bank Account" button.
Link your bank account test

- An error message shows if you have not been successful, otherwise a new tab opens up asking for additional information. If a new tab opens, stop here. The set-up has been completed successfully.

Make sure to have sufficient funds is in your Stripe account. Payouts are funded using your Stripe balance (click here to learn how you can add funds), so be sure to add enough to cover your payouts total

Helpful resources
- Check eligibility on where Stripe is geographically supported for the payouts feature. Click Here To Check Eligibility

Reach out to or live chat for any assistance.

Updated on: 07/03/2024

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