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[Video] Paypal - Setup to first payment

This article shows you have to set up a client id and secret key for both your test/sandbox and live environment and show you how you can make a payment to your vendor's PayPal account.

Only create Live Keys. Sandbox keys are no longer supported.

To get PayPal to programmatically link to PuppetVendors, you will need a set of keys referred to as the Client Id and Secret Key. To get the keys, you will have to generate them in the PayPal developer account portal. A PayPal developer account is free.

Create a new developer account or log in to your existing account by clicking on this -> **LOGIN AND SIGNUP LINK**

Generating keys and setting up the sandbox/test environment.

Before you make a payout, you will want to have your vendor's PayPal account on file. This is where the funds from your PayPal account will be transferred to.

Generating keys and setting up the live environment.

Make a test transaction with a small dollar value.

You can now make live PayPal payments.

Updated on: 21/08/2023

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