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Vendor Identification Tag / Connecting products to vendors

Vendor identification by tags is only available on request only. Please reach out to support to activate it.

There needs to be a way to connect products to vendors and vice versa. By default, PuppetVendors allows you to link them using the Vendor field (see attached figure).

However, there will be instances where you are already using the vendor field for something else and need another way to connect your products to a vendor. That is why we have just introduced identification by using vendor tags. If you require this option. Simply reach out to our support team to enable it. Please do note that only one option is available at a given time.

Please note that the prefix has to be vendor_ so that PuppetVendors is able to recognise your vendor.

Also note that this will automatically take effect on new products that are uploaded. Old products will not have the Vendor tag not unless changes or updates are made.

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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