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How to add funds/top-up your Stripe balance

This article shows how you can add funds/top-up your Stripe balance.


All of these requirements must be met to add funds to your Stripe balance:

Your platform is in the U.S. and the connected account receiving the funds is either in the U.S. or has a recipient service agreement.
Your platform is on a manual payout schedule.
Your platform profile is approved. You can check the status in your settings after completing the platform profile.

Only team members with administrator access to the platform Stripe account and who have enabled two factor authentication can add funds.

Please follow steps 1-3 to add funds to your account

1. Confirm funding purpose

To add funds, go to the Balance section in the Dashboard.

Click Add to balance and select why you are adding funds to your account.

Click Pay out connected accounts to add funds that are paid out to your connected accounts. If you are adding funds to your balance to cover future refunds and disputes, or to repay your platform’s negative balance, click Cover negative balances and see adding funds to your Stripe balance.

2. Verify your bank account

You must use a verified bank account to add funds. You’ll go through the verification process in the Dashboard when you first attempt to add funds from an unverified bank account.

If your bank account is unverified, you’ll need to confirm two micro-deposits from Stripe. These deposits appear on your online banking statement within 1-2 business days. You’ll see AMNTS for the statement description and the values of the two micro-deposits.

Stripe notifies you in the Dashboard and through email when the micro-deposits should have arrived in your account. To complete the verification process, click the Dashboard notification in the Balance section, enter the two micro-deposit amounts, and click Verify account.

3. Add funds

Once verified, you can use the Dashboard to add funds to your account balance.

In the Dashboard, go to the Balance section.
In the Add to balance window, enter an amount in USD and click Connect payouts.
In the resulting modal window (shown below), enter an amount in USD.
Verify the amount and click Add funds.
After the funds are available in your platform’s Stripe balance, you can transfer funds to a connected account through PuppetVendors. Learn how to transfer funds to your vendors in PuppetVendors.


Updated on: 21/08/2023

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